First relief carving attempt

3 gcode files: a rough pass, detail pass, and profile to cut it out.

Went pretty well, other than the detail cut not being deep enough (and taking 5 hours).

Surprisingly, the rough pass and detail carve were done with the Maslow coming off the frame, being disassembled and rebuilt, and then remounted, and it still went this well.


Nice! How big is it? Did you have to do something to support the sled, or was it small enough that you could span the valley?

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I only wanted to test feasibility of the 3 step job (3 gcode files ran in succession) and the 3d carve, so I didn’t introduce extra variables.

Once I figure out why it left the veneer in that lower left section and get some full-depth carves, I’ll start trying jobs that are larger than the sled. I set z home as on the material, then pulled up 1 mm before starting the router/gcode, so that shouldn’t be it.


This looks amazing! So cool!

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