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Flashing yellow light on the board

So I’m feeling a little over my head but we just bought a second hand set up. We put it together, followed all the setup directions (which was quite a headache as neither of us are particularly computer savvy) and got to the calibration part…at which point none of the motors work. Ran a test and they all failed.

Noticed that there is a solid green light on the board, and on the opposite side a flashing yellow light. I suppose that indicates our problem but I don’t know what it means or how to fix it. Any guidance is SO appreciated!

UPDATE: So I read some more and discovered that the power was plugged into the Arduino. Then I ran a test and they worked! Yay! Then I go into calibration and now the left motor won’t turn. Ever few tests it will turn a little bit counter clockwise and then stop, now it is consistently failing both directions. No idea what to do—I’ve unplugged and reseated everything, didn’t seem to help. I also swapped the cables between motors and the left one will now turn but it makes a clunk noise and you have to assist it to get it going again, so maybe the gearing?

There is a plastic gear in the motor gearbox that may have given up on you, though some have reported success after cleaning and lubing the gears. You might try that.


If you have a working cable feeding one motor just fine (RHS), but then it fails when connected to the other motor, I think you’ve pretty conclusively proven that the fault lies within the non-functioning motor.

Time to crack out the screwdriver for a look.

When I received my motors new the gearbox was not fastened securely to the motor body, necessitating a full gearbox teardown to get the required access to tighten the case screws before rebuilding everything again! Thank goodness I have a well worn collection of tweezers and other fine tools for such work.

These kits are true DIY so prepare for some more battles. But it will be so worth it :slight_smile:


We replaced the motor and it will now turn in calibration, but ONLY 360 degrees—both motors do this, they make noise but don’t move for 1 or 5 deg.

Do they pass the motor test now? As in is the encoder good?

What computer are you using to run them and what software and version are you using?

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