Setup Complications - Motor test failed - Problem with board?

Hello all,

I am having issues getting set up. I’ve tried a few times, and searched the forum here and a few other sites, but I just can’t get it done on my own.

My main issue now, I think, is with the board. I have a Maslow Complete Basic Kit, so it’s the Arduino board that comes with that. I think I was on the verge of finally getting calibrated after troubleshooting a few issues. Before I was able to get calibrated, I decided to drill a hole in the top beam to insert a bolt to hang the sled. Well, I am a dope and forgot that the arduino board is mounted on the back of the top beam! :persevere: So I hit the back of the board with the drill. I can’t believe there is no visual damage (I was pushing pretty hard).

Now the right motor fails the test, and doesn’t move at all. That motor works when it is plugged into the left port. I also switched the cords, so I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with the port (Port 1) on the arduino. I also noticed the Arduino (not the motor controller shield) has a yellow light lit when I plug it in. I don’t remember seeing the light before I hit it with the drill, but I’m assuming it should be green.

Can I fix the Arduino? Do I need to get a new one? Am I even asking the right questions? (Yikes)

If you do have a damaged board. Arduino megas and their copycats are fairly cheap on Amazon.

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to add to what Tim said:

For what its worth, having spares of things as a whole isnt a bad thing either. $20 is cheap “oh crap i did something stupid” insurance.

Post a picture of the underside of your controller board. you may have sliced a trace. Those can sometimes be repaired with some strategic solder mask removal and a very fine copper wire and soldering. Was it powered on when you drilled?