Maslow storage box design

here is a onshape model of a box to store the maslow in. I haven’t built it yet, so it will be changed going forward, but I wanted to get it out for people to comment on.

Currently the wheel openings are open on the inside, I will probably close them off.
I plan to use the space in the corners to store the power supply and the braces for the super simple frame

The lid is a box so that bits and other things could be stored there (velcro to the lid or similar, details TBD)

most of the critical dimensions are configuration options, be sure to measure and set the ply_thickness to exactly what your plywood measures to be sure of getting a good fit.

If you check the ‘flat view’ checkbox, it makes a cut sheet output instead, and on the drawing tab, you can output that as a pdf to then put in a laser cutter to cut out. (or cut out on a maslow, but you would need to either clean up the corners of the joints manually after the cut, or add dogbones)

it can fit on 2x 2x4 sheets, but I have it on 34" long sheets because that’s what the laser cutter I have access to will handle :slight_smile:

As this is onshape, anyone is free to clone the entire thing if they want, but I’m also willing to give others the ability to directly edit it if they are interested in improving it.


for those with a good table saw, I just added a checkbox for ‘separate lid’, if checked (the default) it creates the parts for the lid separate from the box, if you uncheck it, it creates a closed box with no lid that you can then run through the table saw against the fence to cut the lid off at whatever height you want (easier than building them separate, and will align better)