For Sale - Classic Metal Maslow $375

I named it Garth… just because.

This Classic Maslow system has:

Mega controller
Metalmaslow gantry sled with ring
z axis with high speed 24 pitch for rapid retracts
It has the metalmaslow sled with a wood undercarriage because the UHMWPE bottom piece never sat flat. The metal sled makes it not need bricks. The wider wood makes it float better and reduces the tilt probability.

The motor shield is a franken board. Long story. It was an experimental board and ended up needing to replace the chips. It now has 3 L298 individual boards, so it is a big blob, but it works awesome and with the fan on it, it works in the heat without issue. The box that houses this monstrosity is included.

Shipping is included as part of the cost. Plus I will talk you through setup and calibration or whatever to help you get going.

What is included:

  • Mega, Shield, power cord, cables to motors,
  • Controller box with buttons and display (for webcontrol .97, but not fully operational)
  • raspberry pi 3 (with working webcontrol 0.94 and experimental webcontrol 0.97)
  • Left and right motors and motor mounts with 3D printed chain skip guarding)
  • Chains and chain management pulleys
  • Sled (wood and metal sections), with z axis motor, ring, 3:1 z axis motor pulley set and spare belts. Vacuum connector
  • Makita mount (will work with Bauer, Makita, Kobalt, or cheap amazon)
  • Shipping to contiguous 48 states included in price

What is NOT included:

  • router not included.
  • frame not included.
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