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Full diy maslow ;-) how to?

Hi !
I’m French and plan to make a maslow CNC 100% “do it myself” but …
The sources are 5 years old and many improvements have been done since the project’s beginning .
Is there a place where to find “new” sources ?
I can use a CNC plasma cutter in order to make metal parts and have a 3d printer if needed.
If you have tips for me , it would be - muuuuuuch - apreciated :wink:
Have a great week end,
Ascq , Grenoble, France

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The design really hasn’t changed that much other than the z-axis which is a big improvement over the original. There is a design you can use here:

Other than that just ask us any questions that come up and we’ll be happy to help :grinning:

there have been maybe 3 people that have tried this over 5 years, none of them got it working well IMHO. You might save $200 USD but spend 40 hrs to do so and wind up with a product not as good. I’m biased because I sell kits, but I dont’ sell internationally so I really am being honest in my advice. good luck.

Going this route rings true the question, just because you could, does it mean you should?

You can certainly go the DIY route. You may actually discover new hardware and methods for building a maslow that are yet to be discovered. If you want the pure maker experience then go this route. It can certainly be done.

However, if they are available to you as an option, I would encourage you to look at them. Even the most basic kits would get you ahead at a reasonable cost and you would have something that you can be reasonably assured will work out of the box. Being that you are in France, Im not sure as to the availability of the current kits in your market though.