Fusion 350 Bit Specs

Has anyone created bit specs for the @MakerMadeCNC bits? If so, would you be willing to share? (I maybe making too big of a deal of this, but I’m intimidated to create them from scratch)

Here is youtube video how to create your own tools, fairly straight forward shows how to copy an existing tool to your local library then edit it. I know Lars has covered it in other videos too.

I don’t currently have a MakerMade bit. But here is one I did of a cheap Harbor freight upspiral, measured with some calipers.



Thanks. How did that bit work out for you? Any speeds and feeds experience to convey?

Basically, I just copied the 1/4 inch end mill from the Samples/Tutorial - Inch folder. Changed number of flutes to match along with bit dimensions, Then set spindle speed to 10,000 RPM to match my Ridgid 2200 router and disabled coolant.

I was taking more about actual performance. Are you happy with the value:money of the HF bit?

Oh, Well with most HF stuff you get what you pay for. I was able to cut a few jobs on it. But it quickly dulled and that’s when you notice burn marks on the edge of your work piece. IF your in a pinch it will work, but its hard to recommend.

Also, I should confess. I think my screenshot of the tool was for another bit I got online since it was a single flute. the HF one that I remember using came in a pack of three different sizes and where HSS two flute variety. I could definitely do a better job of keeping a tool library.in Fusion360. :slight_smile:

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