Fusion Model of the Final Sled

Hello all. I’m new to Fusion and CAM but not CAD or 3D Modeling. I have some questions.

I have uploaded the DXF of the sled into Fusion and noticed that the outer diameter is showing up as 180mm, which is about 7.2 inches. This doesnt look correct. I’m looking for some advice on why this might be.

Also, in general, is it necessary to generate a 3D model of parts in order to get Fusion to generate the G-Code? After I uploaded the DXF, I have a 2D sketch of the sled and not a model. I’m guessing models arent necessary but wanted to ask other users.

Does anyone have a Fusion file of the latest and greatest sled design that works (generates g-code and has been cut) and that I could use as a go-by in order to try to learn Fusion? I’m basicaly looking for a part drawing that I know works and


This sounds like the scale in the DXF is not lining up with the model scale in Fusion. Is this the DXF file from the Community Garden? I think that drawing is in cm instead of mm. Are you using inches or mm in Fusion?

No, you can make a 2D sketch and generate toolpaths from that. You will have to make sure you set your depths right, though, as Fusion won’t be able to use the shape of a profile to determine the cut depth. I have done that for pretty simple parts, and if you don’t have a 2D CAM program to work from then it is a good workaround.

I have the nc file I used to cut my last sled. There are some additional riser parts nested in there with it, but this is a sled file I generated in Fusion 360.

BaselineSled_AllOps.nc (18.9 KB)


MM thaks for the quick response!

You were correct on the scaling issue. Also, I used the INSERT DXF function rather than the UPLOAD to the Data Panel that I had been using. Apparently the Data Panel defaults to CM when uploading a DXF. These two changes fixed the size error.

The clarification on 2D vs 3D is extremly helpfull. it gives me a starting point. As does your sled file. I now have something known to work in the Fusion environment so I have a good starting point.

Thanks for the Help.


Not a problem. Glad to hear you’re now on the right track.

If you need any help with setting up toolpaths and making nc code, I did a write up over in this thread that might help you a little.

Good luck, and happy routing!

MM, What is nice is that I have been able to insert a large number of 2D DWG parts that I created over the years and have been able to generate 3D models of them. I see myself going a little overboard with modeling all of my former 2D stuff into 3D.There is a strong potential I may get a bit obsessive with it actualy. I may end up using Fusion more as a g-code generator more than anything. Anyway I am starting the CAM side of this with a simple 2D circle.

Your write-up post was awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

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It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the Fusion working environment. I’ve had to learn as I go with most of the CAD programs I’ve learned and it would have been great if I had already had a good amount of practice. I would have taken drawing wrenches and bolts first to having to come up with complex television walls and geometric tube steel structures. To think of all the project time I’ve wasted just google searching how to do very specific tasks…