Sled Drawing file loading into Fusion360

My kit is being delivered next week :slight_smile: so…

I’ve been getting my gcode files ready for the first set of parts I need for the build.
I’ve always used Sketchup for my drawings but I can’t get it to export layers , as I was going to use dxf2gcode for the gcode creation. (to allow tabs to be added)

So I gave up and started looking at Fusion360
and found his great tutorial to get me going

However this is my issue, when I use any of the sled designs from the download area, they import as 9mm diameter? actually, they also do that when I import them into Sketchup.

What am I doing wrong, Any pointers?

this is a units thing the various drawing formats don’t specify units, they just
specify a diameter of ‘9’ if you import as inches, you get 9in diameter, if you
input as mm you get 9mm diameter.

David Lang

Arh so simple, thanks, top man

I set the default unit in Fusion360 to inches and imported the dxf.
Now I have the same dimentions as the BOM

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