Future Classic Maslow support?


I know you haven’t personally sold classic maslow parts in quite some time. But as we move forward with M4, there will probably be quite a few causal maslow users that don’t crossover and are content with the classic. Makermade seems to be selling off their stock, MetalMaslow is already gone, and not sure how long Eastbay will continue to support. After the business gets to a sense of normalcy would you consider stocking/selling replacement parts for the classic?

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If there is a demand and we can make it work financially I would. The issue is that some of the parts (mostly the motors) have large minimum order quantities so we would have to buy 2,000 motors (for something like $20k) to get them to make them which we would be likely to ever sell.

My goal I think would be to get the cost of Maslow4 machines down to the point where switching over is a no brainier.