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Thought I’d keep a log of my build and of what I build.

So after placing my order with MakerMade on Tuesday it arrived this morning (Friday).
Isn’t the world a small place.



So its taken a week or so to find some second hand unistrut but here it is, and 1 hour later I have a frame.

Oh, Reggie the Great Dane was very intrigued.

Now I just need to get some sheet home, some how.



Where did you find that?! Looking good.

Very nice! I searched for some second hand unistrut around where I live for a bit but didn’t have much luck. Great find

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luckily it was only about 45 minutes away, and was only £55 ($70)

Designing it in Sketchup was fine but it isn’t until you have it in your hand, I have 3 uprights but actually 4 would be better.
I haven’t got my spoil board yet , however the fact that it just unbolts means that I can play about and adjust the end result.

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