GarageMaslow (small things from a small shed)

Thought I’d keep a log of my build and of what I build.

So after placing my order with MakerMade on Tuesday it arrived this morning (Friday).
Isn’t the world a small place.


So its taken a week or so to find some second hand unistrut but here it is, and 1 hour later I have a frame.

Oh, Reggie the Great Dane was very intrigued.

Now I just need to get some sheet home, some how.



Where did you find that?! Looking good.

Very nice! I searched for some second hand unistrut around where I live for a bit but didn’t have much luck. Great find

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luckily it was only about 45 minutes away, and was only £55 ($70)

Designing it in Sketchup was fine but it isn’t until you have it in your hand, I have 3 uprights but actually 4 would be better.
I haven’t got my spoil board yet , however the fact that it just unbolts means that I can play about and adjust the end result.

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I was slightly distracted as my 3D printer turned up, the excuse to purchase was this.


Looks really nice. There can be quite a bit of force pulling on these motors. Hopefully it doesn’t deflect or snap…I don’t know how stiff it is. Just something to be aware of.

I’m assuming that’s a chain guide, not meant to serve as the motor bracket?


It appears you are correct. Looks like the metal mounts are blue, not the typical black, so it blends in with the blue printed parts. I thought the whole thing was printed till I zoomed in!

Did you give any thought to a fin at around 5 o’clock? I have had wraps happen that way too. I’m hoping there is an Etsy shop in your future.