Thanks Maker Made

So, I just want to say that MakerMade is being very wonderful to me. Patrick in particular is what I would call an amazing guy. So what happened was that my power quit working to my GSheild. I still haven’t gotten this thing actually working, although the frame is looking great and I’ve even gotten the Z axis built. I was working on getting it configured and the chord for the Z must have gotten pinched, so I had to pause and fix that. I got it fixed and I try to get back to configuring but it is spotty working. I finally notice that the light next to the power chord is only on when it’s working. So at this point I email and get Patrick, end up calling the number on his signature and they are sending me a GSheild and power chord. It’s supposed to be here tomorrow so I’m kinda freaking out tonight, excited that I may actually get this thing working tomorrow. I utilized this free time to get the frame as nice as I can.



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Do you have another Z-Axis built for the final sled?
Have you weighted it with something that could be used as a shelf for more weight?
Through all your frustrations, I appreciate your attitude. It’s inspiring.

No, I do not have another one built and I’m quite sure I’ll be building one before long. I appreciate your comment about my additude although I’m glad you aren’t around to see me when things fail originally.

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I have had so no many things go south for me but keep trucking away (after my frustrations cool down, of course :grinning:)

Welcome to the forum, but no we don’t have any other built.

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