Garden Fence With Look Through Desert Design

We recently exchanged our failing fence with a fancy-schmancy artsy-fartsy design fence of our own making. Instead of a big gap next to a (useless) gate we now have a beautiful look through desert scenery with mountains, cacti and stones. It’s fun looking out of the window again. There is a second panel in the making. Stay tuned to soon see the updated pictures


Great design! This has my nomination for POW!


Thank you. Much appreciated.

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Did you use tabs on each of those individual cut outs? Or actually mill out the entire area of each? Looks great!

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I did use tabs, but they didn’t work out. I think my router bit pulled the z-axis in which still has some significant amount of slack. I ended up with essentially no working tabs. Once I noticed I placed screws at the larger cutout pieces so they couldn’t drop and impact the router bit. That cost some extra time, but worked really well.

We added Panel #2 to the fence this week and are pretty happy with the result. Now we are even thinking of Panel #3 and #4


That looks awesome! What bit did you use on this cut?

I’m looking to cut 4 4x6 panels and a 3x6 panel for two drive way gate wings and a garden gate. What kind of wood did you use and how did you weather proof it after the cut?

I used a cross cut bit, 1/4". For the size and the level of detail that worked quite well. I wasn’t too worried about the edges (I never even cleaned or sanded them afterwards) and I think almost any 1/4" bit would do.
With respect to the wood, this was a 1/2" plywood from Lowes or Home Depot (don’t remember, we go to both all the time). The wood was already pressure treated to be weather resistant. It was an off-the-ground treatment, which probably means that it is not protected against insects, but good enough if it can dry. We have it obviously a foot or so off the ground and that worked well for us. The cost was something around $15 per sheet.
Let me know if you want me to dig up the real details. I can also share the .svg or gcode if you like. If that is the case I can post it in the community garden.


Update on my Garden Fence Design:
I wrote an instructable and entered it into the instructables current open woodworking contest.
I’d like to holler out to show off your projects there as well… and of course you are allowed to vote for me if you find the time :crazy_face:


New to the garden so excuse me. Is there a way to download svg or gcode of the projects?

Normally, you would go to the community garden (link at the top of every page on these forums) and look for the project with the same title as this topic. However, it looks like @Superbender has moved his design to (see the link in post #9) where you can find gcode files for each of the design elements. Happy cutting!