Rose Window from Norte Dame cathedral

I made this in four pieces of luan plywood. Painted and gels added. My picture from a distance on stage. About 4.5 hrs of routing time.


Thats awesome. im about an hour and a half from Notre Dame College

That’s really cool. Do you have any other photos of your process or the installation?

That is a great job. Can I ask what your bit was. Was it 1/8" or 1/4" and what was your other settings. I unfortunately still get burning wood 'cause I haven’t found the right settings for 1/8" yet.
As for a 1/4" bit I get good cute, but only for about 20 linear feet of cut, the then top surface of my ply starts chipping (dull bit?).
My learning process continues.

Again, great work.


I used 5mm (0.200”) thick plywood from Lowes or Home Depot. It is sometimes called underlayment. I have a 2 flute solid carbide compression bit from amazon ( Yonico 33210-SC Yonico 33210-SC CNC Router Bit 2 Flute Compression Cut 1/4" X 1" X 1/4" X 2-1/2" 1/2" Shank, ,) I have been using this bit for quite a while, probably over 3000 linear feet. I have my router set to 10,000 RPM (the lowest setting) I cut at 30 ipm. I cut these pieces out in one pass. I have noticed a little more sanding is needed lately. The bit wasn’t cheap but as another member of the forum said, “What is your time worth?”


Unfortunately I don’t take a lot of photos, even though it so easy with a smartphone! I have this other one taken with one of the performers.image



I had forgotten about this project. In the light of the events in Paris, I’m especially glad you made this and shared it!


Thanks John,
I only saw Notre Dame once in person and it was at night so I didn’t get to admire the Rose windows. But, after spending some hours carefully tracing a photo on my computer screen and then some more hours watching my Maslow cut, I developed a strong connection to the windows.

I was a little more emotional learning about the fire and destruction after my “maker” experience. This is something I didn’t expect to get out of making stuff. I think there is a strong emotional connection between us, what we make and, what inspires us to make.

Thanks for commenting.



Same here. I can also recommend the Yonico compression bit but I don’t feel like I got as much out of it as Jcross!

Also very happy with this upcut bit:

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Outstanding work!

Can you tell a little bit about how you did this? I’m guessing you laid the cut pieces on top of another piece of luan? What product did you use to get such bright colors? Also, the picture in your first post, during the performance, makes it look like it is transparent and back-lit with “natural light” coming in; is that just an illusion?