GC align router possition with grid

Someone has defined other home possition. i have moved sledge with router to real workarea center, but in GC it šhows that my router is somewhere different place, How cam i align this red cross with dotted line center?

Where is the sled, compared to the red cross? Only up or down, or also left/right?
After clicking -> Actions -> Return to centre, how far and what side is the sled compared to the cross?

Sledge is physicaly in work area center but in gc red cross shows it is up and to the left from dooted center. How to merge them?

Did you try the return to centre button in the picture?

The sled can be up or down if one of this settings are not matching:

  • distance of motors
  • height motors to top of the sheet
  • rotation radius

Left or right should not be. That could mean that one of the chains has skipped and the length is not correct.
This requires a recalibration if the chains are not marked.