Motors Running Erratic

I have not used the machine in a couple of months. Everything was fine and calibrated when last used. I am having trouble with the motors. I can go in every direction except up and down. Motor test runs left, right and z as normal. I have suspended the sled so there is no weight. restarted arduino and ground control, no help. It appears that when 2 motors run they are sluggish, stop. Power supply?

Update, changed out the power supply to 6.5A same problem. The motors
will run in every direction except up and down.

Well that’s a new one. Hmmm. Smart thinking changing out the power supply. Could it be a calibration issue? Do motions in the left and right directions seem normal?

Changed out the power supply, upped the amps to 6.5. Moves great left right, diagonal in all 4 directions.
Motor test runs left, right, z axis no hesitations or errors. Just no up or down. Pulling my hair out. I would imagine its not a motor driver board error, as they move fine in all those directions except 2.

Hi @GJW This is a really strange one I’ve never heard of. I don’t get why the Y-axis would work diagonal up, but not straight up. Perhaps the log file can help. The log file gets clogged and reaches huge sizes, so to avoid searching through 10-tousand of lines, I would suggest to delete it with GC closed. It gets created new when GC starts. Wait until all shows connected, press the up/down arrows and close GC again. Then upload the log file here. Also upload the groundcontrol.ini (in your user folder) to see if there is anything fishy to discover there.

What happens if you load a simple g-code just moving the sled up and down?
Something like:

G0 X0 Y-100 F600
G0 X0 Y100 F600

Kind regards, Gero

The really weird thing is that since both motors are needed for left/right movement I don’t think it’s a controller board error. The same motion would be required for up down movement.

My hunch is that there are some weird calibration values (maybe a negative distance for the spacing between the motors or something) and as a result the math to move up and down isn’t working.

it almost sounds the the work piece area is defined too small so it thinks it is at the limits on both sides, so it will only go up and down…?

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