Getting Motor and Chain in the UK


I’m looking for a source for compatible motors and drive chains in the UK to try to avoid the excessive costs. Everything else apart from the shield I can probably get… any ideas?

suitable motors are showing up on Amazon. I think you will find that once you
add up all the pieces individually, you will not be much cheaper than the kit.
Especially if you end up having to get a ring or triangulation kit cut as a

David Lang

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I’m in the UK too and its expensive once you add up shipping and import taxes. £200 extra maybe? maybe 50% more than the price of a kit. its hard to say on the import taxes, seems random.

I was able to get an unused kit second hand in the buy and sell section on here. Thats worth a go. Maybe put an ad up?

Otherwise i’m no help, finding the right motor might be hard. encoder pulses and all that. Let me know if you find a source of chain. Think im going to need some too.



The gear ratio will likely be different, which is what amounts to different pulse numbers is GC settings. There is a good thread on how to count gears and determine the pulses. It’s sounds doable but definitely not the easy way.

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