Total Newbie who just purchased the CNC and the Z axis kits

Hello all.

I have just purchased the Maslow kits and I am looking forward to them arriving and getting the Maslow built.

I am also looking forward to getting to know the forum members and what you can teach me.



Welcome to the forum!
Were are you located?

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I am in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Well, you just passed the first test! Welcome!

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Thank you!

What’s next? I’m hoping to have the frame built before my parts arrive from the June shipment.
Is there a step by step guide to follow. I’m assuming that there is and I just haven’t seen it yet.

You and I are in the same boat, except that I live in Georgia (west of Savannah).

I just also ordered my Maslow and the Z axis kit (sadly a June ship date).

I built my frame yesterday and all went well.
There is a video on youtube that showed how the Alternate frame could be modified. I essentially built the modified version of the frame then disassembled it and did the upgrades. Link to the youtube video is: has a complete youtube video series on the Maslow setup (still being released).

I also just pulled the trigger for a June shipment! Does anyone have recommendation for learning the design side? CAD or other methods of generating shapes to cut.


From my side only on linux, are you using windows?

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Yes, I plan to use Windows.

We’ve put together a couple videos on the topic! Check out the playlist here: