Goliath CNC now available for pre-order

Hope this is allowed (mentioning competing products) and not seen as spam, but…

The Goliath CNC (a cnc router on wheels, so not really limited size-wise, with 0.1mm repeatability) just started taking pre-orders, at ~€1700:

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Everything is welcome here, but I’d give their kickstarter comments section a quick read before investing the money https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2130625347/goliath-cnc-an-autonomous-robotic-machine-tool-for/comments

They did a kickstarter around the same time we did and haven’t delivered anything yet or even begun manufacturing yet and I’m a little skeptical that they will be able to ship


Oh, wow. Thanks Bar, didn’t know about that. Can’t afford one, so hadn’t followed in THAT much detail :slight_smile: Maybe the’ll ship fine, but I’ll delete the post, just in case it gets anyone burned.

OH, I can’t delete it. Please delete :slight_smile:

@Bar: do you have any thoughts on the Shaper Origin’s viability, or have you tracked it in any depth?

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Those two and the maslow were the ones i was deciding between, but the Shaper didn’t (doesn’t) offer a 220V version, like most of the world uses. And the goliath is a good idea, but by the time i heard about them the price of the maslow already convinced me.
They each have pro’s and cons, but i really like the community here. I don’t feel like i bought a product, i feel like we’ve built it together, and that is worth something to me.


Oh, no 220v? I guess they’ll get around to that eventually. It’s easy enough to get converters, I suppose.

But yeah… the Maslow is much nicer in terms of goals and community feel. Also, I’m not entirely convinced by the viability of the wheel design on the goliath. It’s hard to imagine it getting enough traction to control a router reliably and precisely. Maybe that’s what they’ve been struggling with.

Are you sure? It’s an interesting discussion of a really cool machine

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Maybe not now that both of you have commented with interesting points :slight_smile:

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People have the shaper, trouble is you have to hold the router for a few hours …

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I wanted a shaper BAD, I am so glad I have the Maslow instead after reading the agony of hanging on to the shaper for long periods of time.


Hahh. I hadn’t thought of how long you’d be holding the shaper for. That wouldn’t be fun… at all.

no regret for now (my Maslow is still hold in custom for the 3rd weeks).

but I would look into “Crawlbot” nice concept for those with little workshop space:


PS: Printrbot is no more

also :

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wow I love that lowrider 3d printed machine and it’s price point of $500 for the kit is pretty similar to maslow.

Goliath looks like it cuts about as fast as maslow, maybe even slower. with a 33 lb base it physically can’t go very slow, so very slow, hopefully they deliver next month like their kickstarter timeline stated.

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Another Goliath article today, an interview with a creator. Another quick scan of the KS comments still has the natives restless (sue em, sue em…) and suggests that least part of the problem is being distracted reinventing dust collectors (the Tiko disease). The interview was too buzzwordy for my taste, but that seems to be common these days (even CEO girl does it) so maybe that’s old fogeyism showing.

I’ve watched Opendesk for many years, they seem to be of the live fast and fizzle persuasion.
Sketchchair is nice but essentially abandoned afaik. Piccolo (another horizontal surface drawbot, wanted one) got a lot of hype and then faded out. Hope Goliath’s not on the same trajectory but not very hopeful, their monthly cash burn must be taking a fair chunk of their capital.

Where can I find that, I’d be interested to read it

I thought I’d linked it in the post (done from my mobile), but see it’s not there. It was on one of my Feedly RSS feeds but I can’t find it again, and can’t find a way to restore articles that I’ve already read. 10 minutes of giggle, duck duck moose, etc doesn’t dredge it up again so it hasn’t been scanned by a search engine yet.

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Please forgive my confusion. One of the Opendesk principles interviewed one of the Goliath CNC creators a while back (giggle finds that…) causing some moosely confusion, they’re not really connected otherwise afaik. Goliath CNC is from an organization named Springa based in Los Angles, Opendesk is based in London although it’s site is now oriented towards brokering connecting CNC owners to potential CNC’d furniture customers on a quick look

Still unable to find the article I read a few days ago. My Feedly RSS feed runs around 300-500 items a day (I only read the title and skip most of them…), and the free feedly doesn’t search very well - they want money for that. It does let you scan kinda sorta backwards over read articles but that hasn’t worked too well. Can’t find the article in the firehose.

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