Slim Chair from Opendesk

I decided to try and cut my Opendesk Slim chairs. I scaled them for my granddaughters using Vcarve Pro. It all fit in a 48x48 sheet of 18mm. Well, I was worried about the top of the sheet for accuracy. Well it was a ‘train wreck’ up there. I abandoned the parts above the 40 inch high area and up and finished cutting the rest. I will re-vector the parts not cut properly and cut them lower on another sheet.

Finished product to come.


This is about the closest I feel comfortable getting to the top center right now:


Thanks about right!! :grinning::sweat_smile:


@Blsteinhauer88 and @Bar what are your Workpiece>Motor vertical distances? That looks like 4-5" below the top of the Workpiece?

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Mine is the default frame :grin:


try slowing down your feed rate or making your sled a bit lighter (making the sled lighter will require re-doing calibration)


Mine is defaults also.


Any ideas or rules of thumb on how much lighter?

not really, but that J shaped hook along the top is an indication that the motor
can’t pull hard enough to keep up with the feed rate because the sled is too

so you need to take a few pounds off and try again (after recalibrating so that
the chain sag is accurate), or slow your feed rate down so the motors can keep
up with the current weight.

We really need to have someone do some tests to see how light you can go on the
sled (and how close to vertical you can go on the frame), but so far nobody has
had the time to do systematic testing of this.


Interesting that it will make one cut close, then J out on the next pass even thou there was a prior path to pull through, instead on the next pass it tries to cut twice as deep through the next pass and completes the J cut…

So do you think we need to raise top beam?

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raising the top beam could help.

We’ve also had one person who found that their power supply wasn’t keeping up
and moving to a more powerful 12v power supply solved their problem

We’ve also had a person reduce the weight on their sled (they were running an
especially heavy sled) and it solved the hooking cuts.

and in general, lowering the feed rate has kept things within the limits of the
system (which is why the max feed rate is currently lower than it was a few
months ago)

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I also scaled the chair for my kids (with Fusion) and set the thickness of the plywood back to 18mm. Noticed that the pockets were not wide enough, so I ran the G-code again with a 8mm bit instead of a 6mm. Then it fitted like a glove.
The famous “sled not keeping up” notification popped up half way during the cut. In my case a dull router bit was the root cause.