OpenDesk Nimble Stool

Can definitely say the Maslow is dialed in! Had to mod cuts for 3/4 Birch (not the beautiful B/BB 1 inch Baltic used on the last project.) Will be sturdy enough for kiddos though!!
I’ve learned spending more time in MakerCam planning each pocket operation, though tedious, has saved much more time in overall completion. Zaxis raise/lower and zigzagging back and forth between pocket depth operations is painful :wink:
With that said, maybe I’m missing a simple MakerCam setting? Please let me know, if so!


Ooh! That’s pretty! Nicely done!

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Very nice! That looks like a handy little stool. How is the seat joined to the legs?

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:)) just glue… tight fit at the joints. The pocket holes are .6in/15.25mm deep.


If you find that MakerCAM setting to make the pockets cut to full depth before moving to the next one, let me know :wink:

Hah, the extra 5 min it took me to create each and every pocket equated to 30 min off of the time of my first stool build… I think its worth doing!!


Sounds very worthwhile, what is the process?

Just create a separate pocket operation for every single vector(pocket). The stool build had 8 separate pocket operations.

Also, though each image in a profile operation is cut(all stepdowns completed) entirely before moving to the next, I used on those as well… limits the travel time(zigzagging) you get moving from image to image when highliting several and creating 1 profile operation. It all adds up to less time :wink:


Oh well, why not build 8! Got code down to just under 2 hrs per stool. Now if only I could set the z to raise only .1in/1-2 mm between stepdowns on single pocket operations in MakerCam.:thinking:
Set clearance to 0… but still takes awhile raising and lowering, just spinning in air.


Also, ive set home to the sweet spot. Ripped down to 2X4 panels and secure them down with the tried and true grk r4s (aka the lifetime screw.)
Cut a stool, spin the board and cut again. Then switch to fresh panel and cut on!!


Ok, so I’m not trying to just find shortcuts and not figure things out myself… but… is it possible to upload the raw g-code that has been optimized for Maslow? That way future makers of this stool can just plug in the g-code and print these stools without trying to program it to be efficient?

I ask because I don’t actually know if it’s possibly to cleanly upload/download g-code with all of the modifications you made.

If you are using MakerCAM and you do File → Save SVG it will actually save an SVG file with all of your cutting paths stored in the meta data so if someone else loads it in MakerCAM they can easily adjust things like tool size, depth of pass, or material thickness :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a hidden feature


@Nathan_Miller , Im most certain that the .nc file could easily be uploaded and reproduced with the modifications. The problem is that these came from OpenDesk with a lisence for personal use only and I have to respect that for the community and myself! You should email opendesk to get… its worth a shot!
With that said, I think that a Maslow projects g-code(.nc) repository would be amazing!!! Have name, description, cut time, material thickness, bit type, router speed, expandable thumbnail images, notes and the .nc files.

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@Nathan_Miller and @bar I have the MakeCam svg saved for this build. Bar if you are ok with it I dont mind posting it!

On a different note, though I havnt tried, this may be a quick fix for the MakerCam safety height pocket operations.

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so cool!!! I’m glad to know the exported SVG can save all the tool path settings and such. That’s super, super exciting!

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keep in mind that the g-code is created based on the bit size you told the CAM
software, so if you cut the identical g-code with different size bits, you get
different results.


Slightly OT, but I don’t remember finding a way to reorder cutting in MakerCAM. Like when you carefully arrange everything to minimize non-cutting moves then discover that missed hole all the way on the other end of the sheet

It’s a hidden feature. When you are exporting the gcode you can move the order of operations around using the +/- buttons to bump up and down the selected tool path…assuming you named them something you can remember :grimacing:


I hope this makes it into the wiki, eventually with more in depth details.
Would be cool if other software (for those who work offline) could adapt in some way or form.
This would make things far more interesting for everyone to share data.

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Hello! could you please send me the plans for this design? OpenDesk dont have ir anymore. My email is contacto atsymbol eduardolloreda period com