Ground Control and 3D Carving

I am working on an electric guitar carving design, and before I ruin any boards I am wondering if anyone has used Ground Control and the original Maslow 1.2 board to complete curved cuts. Is it even possible with Ground Control or even Web Control? I do have the upgraded M2 z-axis if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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Yes, you can absolutely make curved cuts!

I’d give it a go with a piece of cheap scrap wood to practice and get used to how the machine works before using a really nice piece of wood

That’s great! I’ll definitely use waste board first. Any suggestions on online programs that help create the curved designs? I use the Easel Inventables program for all of my 2d designs, but I haven’t seen any options to create 3D designs.

I like OnShape, but it’s a little mechanical and blocky to design something more artistic like a guitar