Cut out pattern created in Easel is tilted

So I got the Maslow up and running (I’m still using the temp sled, had continual issues getting the final sled cut, but I replaced the usb cable with a shorter one, and so far that seems good, no more loss of connection). Design I created in Easel will cut according to the design, but for some reason, the cut out shape is slanted. Is there something I should be looking for to correct this? Should I just re-calibrate?

Does it look slanted when you open the file in ground control?

If not then you might need to recalibrate, but more likely you only need to do actions -> set chain lengths automatic. The issue is probably that the chain lengths became off when the connection was lost with the old USB cord

No, the file looks straight in Ground Control, I’m guessing my chain lengths are off. After I lost connection with the old USB, the set chain lengths option went squirrelly on me, so I’m going to delete the ground control.ini file and start from scratch on calibration


Hey Bar, I went through and recalibrated…everything looks good now, shapes are cutting perfectly.


Great news! Thanks for the update :grinning: