Ground Control - Compiled vs from source

Does it make sense that I get better performance running GC from source than from the prebuilt version? Using v .99 prebuilt, I have a gcode file with 62,000 lines that crashes the app. When I run it from the command line using source code it loads just fine. Having been a coder for much of my career, this is counter-intuitive. Any thoughts?

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That’s counter intuitive to me too. Do you get an error message when it crashes on the pre-built version?

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Which platform are you using? When you run it from source, is that from a different directory/version, or is that from within the prebuilt version?

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@blurfl Asked what platform. I’ll be more specific in my request. What OS are you running on what hardware please? Would you be willing to post a picture of your directory structure?

Thank you

Pretty sure I figured it out. The pre-compiled version of GC that I downloaded from github was compiled\packaged with Python 2.7.11 32 bit. I already had Python 2.7.14 64 bit installed on machine. So running it from source, was using the local version of course. I suspect that the reason it was crashing was that it simply couldn’t access enough memory using the 32 bit version of python to draw the entire plot, where the 64 bit version should be able to access the entirety of available memory. (At least this sounds plausible)

This was on a windows 10 machine with 16GB of RAM.

To answer your question bar, there were no python\app errors that I saw. Just the windows error handling for app crashes.

Anyway, I found the instructions to compile the kivy app and successfully compiled it against 2.7.14 64 bit. Though I do not see (at a glance) any performance improvement over running it from source on 64 bit. In any case it is loading my gcode. Will test on the maslow tomorrow (after I install and calibrate the triangular linkage kit!)

Thanks all!