Ground Control not recognizing desktop/files

Hey all, I am new to the community and have installed the latest version of GC twice and the issue still persists…I have created a .nc file and saved to my desktop. however when I go to open file in GC, the desktop does not even show up, other folders like documents and downloads show up but not desktop. ALSO even if I move my .nc file to one of those locations the file still doesnt show up?? The GC test files pull up but not mine. Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi kbgerecke,

I have to admit it’s been years since I’ve used GC. When you moved your .nc file, did you exit GC and go back in? In some programs the directory contents get cached and it doesn’t update when file operations change things.

Unfortunately, GC is double legacy software; it was superseded by Web Control and the new Maslow 4 uses FluidNC instead, so there’s a lot fewer folks who are actively using it than in the past.