Ground control on linux

I know this should be easy… but I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to setting this stuff up. Windows stuff I can ( or could ) do but getting ground control to work on mint linux 19.2 seems like you need to be a programmer or something to make it work?
Is there a way to just download something like an .exe that just auto loads and makes a desktop icon and all that stuff like good old windows stuff? If not why not? I dont really want to buy a new computer to fill with dust and destroy in the shop but I can’t seem to get this Toshiba satellite to work?

Hello Noslo,

In a word - No. On Linux you don’t have a .exe type of install. If you are looking for and EXE the Windows portable is the way to go. I’m sure someone else will pop in on the linux side of things. While it is possible to set up an icon and script to launch on Linux it’s work on the users part. There are Windows 10 Tablets out there for as little as $100 that can run ground control.

I hope that helps.

Thank you

Thanks for the reply, maybe that’s the way to go, I just want something that works with minimal hassle…

if you can play with docker or wait a little bit, the webcontrol version should
be very easy to get going.

David Lang

If you have a Raspberry Pi laying around, it can be used to run webcontrol. If not, you can pick up a kit with case, heatsinks, and power supply for about $50 (little more if you don’t have a spare 8gb+ microsd card around). You could then use your current laptop, a phone, ipad, whatever to connect to it.