Raspberry Pi Ground Control Image

Hello to all,

I have just recently built the meticulous Z axis, and I am now moving towards the RPI (using RPI 3 B+), I’m waiting on a touch screen to arrive but plan to have two screens attached.

I am not savy on Linux command line though I have used Linux in the past, after installing Rasbian two times now and then Ubuntu Mate, i find it a little hard to get Ground Control up and running but not dissuaded, as i was reading many posts I got the impression that Bee was making an custom RPI image that was ready to flash and run Ground Control but i was not able to find where to download or buy such image, hence now the question:

Is there an image out here somewhere that can be dowloaded and flashed that will allow easy and quick Ground Control to run from a Raspberry PI?

I appologize if this has already been asked but i was not able to find a direct lead.

Thank you.

I would suggest that you give webcontrol a try, you can manage it via a browser
on the pi, or from a browser on your phone (very handy for adjusting the
sprockets to 12 o’clock)

David Lang

If you give webcontrol a try, I found this webpage to open up chromium in full screen mode on startup…

I’ve not tried it because I don’t have a screen attached to the rpi. Also, the prebuilt image that @johnboiles put together doesn’t have a the GUI installed, so you might have to change that configuration. I might have time to look into how it’s done (making the image with the GUI on autostart) if it’s something you are interested in giving a shot.