Ground Control running at 4K

Here is Ground Control running form linux on a thumb drive on a 40 inch 4k screen. Just Wrong …!

I’ve tested the file on a Mac Mini, UDoo x86, Acer Cloudbook, Lenovo T420.

This failed on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Mix 3 - both are modern Tablets not really computers and they are on Uefi Bios - specifically designed to keep you from running anything but Windows. There are possible workarounds but it is beyond my scope of support.

It’s about to go out for a field test. We’ll keep you posted. My guess is this can support about 75% of the old hardware out there. The Cloubdbook I had to go to “Legacy Mode” in the BIOS to boot it.

Thank you

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I have access to a Lenovo Mix 3 and might be able to test whether I can make it work or not.

Could you message me with the details?

Will it still need to support openGL 2 or higher?

I believe it’s locked down. I can boot a vanilla Ubuntu 16.04 on the Surface by disabling secure boot and some other security setting and the screen turns red during boot. They really don’t want you loading something else.

If you can get standard ubuntu usb drive to work then there is a shot this will. However I got everything working but the Miix buy making some bios changes. Some are not advised that is why I show them on the NO list.

The file I have is ~450mb and the site I have right now has it locked for 5 days before I can upload it again. See if you can make one of these and get it working with the Miix - for me the Miix gives 2 choices -Windows and Windows. Here are the Ubuntu USB instructions -

Do you have multiple PC’s/ Laptops you want to try my .iso on?

Thank you

Yes the OpenGL hardware requirement still exists. However there are know issues with Kivy and Windows misreporting hardware. In those cases this would work around it, as well as a Mac issue we saw here earlier.

Thank you

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32 bit or 64 bit?

64 Bit on all both OS and Devices

Thank you