Ground control values

Hi everyone
Have a little problem that I hope someone can answer.
I had bought my machine a few years back and only upgraded the Firmware to 1.26.
Recently I was cutting and lost connection to my computer and had to recalibrate but when I pressed return to center it was off about 4 mm to the right of center, normally if it’s a new cut I would move
the plywood a little left or right to get it on center mark of board, but I don’t use tabs to hold pieces, I use a brad gun to nail pieces in and I no longer move the wood and I wanted to continue where I left off.
Here is my question, in the settings menu I can change the “Height from motors to work top” values to adjust the sled up or down but what values adjusts the sled left or right?
Thanks in advance.

Did you mark your chains on the first chain extension? If so just do the manual chain reset. If you change your work piece height then you should recalibrate.

Yes and everything went well and i just need to to move my sled about 3mm to the left to be on center. just need to know what values in the ground control settings that do that.

There are no settings in GC that let you move center the way you are wanting to.

If you have the workpiece in the same place it was last time, then it will be in
the same place unless the chains have slipped.

If you have positioned the workpiece differently, but it’s still straight, then
you can manually move the sled to the new 0,0 point and hit the button to ‘set
home’ and that will be considered the 0,0 point until you reset it.

David Lang

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Thanks, diang just the answer I was looking for.