Help Am I doing it wrong?

I put my frame together, went to calibrate, got to the test pattern cut and it pulled the sled to the top left and almost destroyed the sled. Was it a software or hardware issue?? Can I call someone to talk me through it?

Where should the sled be when I click zero for its position? Center of the plywood or Center bottom of the plywood?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome @SSGSOB, at the end of the calibration you have been presented with numbers about the motor distance, motor height over the sheet and a few more. Did this numbers make scene? Any troubleshooting will require as much information as you can provide, like OS, what version of firmware and Groundcontol, or are you using webcontrol. Can you locate the groundcontrol.ini in your user folder? It could give some insight. As a new user you might not be able to upload it right now, but perhaps you have a cloud storage from where you could provide a link,

Kind regards, Gero

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Home should be defined as the center of the plywood. In web control under actions, I believe, there is a return to center button.

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