Lost settings in middle of cut?

So I got everything up and running, seemed to be cutting the final sled fine, then I got an error stating that the USB connection had been lost, and after clearing the message box, when telling the machine to go back to Home, the settings were way off, and can’t get it back to where it was. For future reference, should I complete calibration then save a back up of the groundcontrol.ini file in case the calibration settings get all screwy?

your calibration is in the ini file, and it should not be lost by the system
loosing track of where it is. You just need to do the ‘automatic’ calibration to
set the chain lengths to known amounts (setting the marked links on the chains
on the sprocket so get into a known position) and then you should be able to cut

resuming an interrupted cut is generally not possible due to the state that can
be set by earlier parts of the g-code, but you should be able to reset the
chains and start a new cut.

Yeah, I had hoped it would just resume where it left off, but guess that’s a no-go, lol. Thanks, I’ll run through the auto calibration to set the chain lengths

when it looses the connection and stops, it no longer knows where it is, so it’s
stuck until you tell it.

I had some trouble with USB lost connections also and a shorter cable has worked so far. Until I build confidence in it, I make a small plunge hole where my current home is for that cut. Then, if I lose my place for some reason I can quickly, easily and accurately set the same home and resume my cut.


Cutting the hole at center is a great idea, think I’m going to use that…had the same issue pop up again after going through calibration…lost usb connection at the exact same point, then after, for some reason its setting the last drilled hole as home

edit: I think I replied to my own post instead of your reply, so I deleted it and reposted

2nd update…so I moved the sled to the center using Ground Control, then hit “Define Home”…but then after I load the Gcode for the final sled, it tries to move to a start position that’s waaaaaay down below the plywood. I’m still using the next to last version of the firmware, so I’m going to load the most recent firmware, and go through setup again. I ordered a shorter USB cable in case my lost USB connection is due to the current cable length, just not sure if I’m doing something wrong