Groundcontrol.ini in linux

I’m going to do some testing omn my own but I wanted to know if anyone know the search behavior of Linux for .ini files?

In Windows it is supposed to start in the program directory then look to the root of the system drive, then the system path.

This means a GroundControl.ini in the program directory would over ride the one in the users directory.

Anyone know if this holds true in Linux? My local linux group seems to thing it’s program dependent.


Thank you

GroundControl specifically loads groundcontrol.ini from the users’s home directory. I think one would need to override ‘get_application_config()’ to get it to load from somewhere else.


windows does not look for ini files in various places, only binaries.

Linux has a defined path for searching for binaries.

But neither OS has any way of auto searching multiple directories for other
files to open (like config files). Any multiple location support is done in each
application, not in the OS

David Lang