Any reason we shouldn't append a copy of the .ini file to the log?

Question / request - is there any reason we couldn’t append a copy of the GroundControl.ini to the top of the log file at the beginning of running a gcode file? Also should it not be called ground_control_log.txt?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you

I would vote ‘no’ on adding it to the log file. There are a lot of things in the .ini file that aren’t of use in troubleshooting, and with recent firmware changes the values of the pertinent settings are visible in the early communication stream. If it were included, I’d probably jump past it in most logreading sessions.
As for the name, opening a new one with each run, or putting a time stamp line into the log at the start of each run would be nice-to-have. Wouldn’t want the folder to accumulate more than a few old log files, though. Or have a single huge log either, for that matter - not a problem in these days of rapid development and change :grin: