Hacking up Porter Cable Z-Axis

Hello Everybody! Finally getting a bit of time to work on my Maslow and decided to start with my router to determine if I could adapt my current or if I should spring for the Rigid sooner than later. And with a couple hours of work I manage to get my Porter Cable with the 6931 Type 2 base working!

The router didn’t have a micro adjust but there was a hole on one side that looked like it have be for one.

Removing the limit knobs and lock level exposes the internal springs, which I removed.

Eye-balling where I’ll glue the nut in place.

Cut a long bolt to act as a threaded rod.

With motor attached it looks good.

Glued it in place and attached the mount to a large block.

I don’t anticipate this will be a long term solution but will hopefully get me up and running so I can justify asking for more money to upgrade to the Rigid.


Nice job McGyver. Now we expect some pics of your cut-outs, post haste!

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Wow that ti s a great job.

Thank you

@morgan You glued the nut in place?! What glue did you use? Sounds like I need to get some of that glue!

It was JB Weld Kwik, which I’m not sure I trust. I heavily scored the surface underneath the nut to increase grip. We’ll see how it goes… hopefully I’ll be fully setup some time this weekend.

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Keep the threads greased to reduce friction and it’ll probably be okay. If your close to Houston bring it by my place and I’ll well it on for you.

Yup, I sprayed some lithium grease on there because it was within hands reach but going to put something better on before use. Also found some plastic tubing perfectly sized for a dust cover over the entire thread assembly.

Nope, sunny California, plus I’m not sure the plastic router body would be too happy to comply with that.

So perfect…I am going through everything to get my set up going. I am using the very same …the #6931 router base. I am wondering how long your version lasted? If you have any
thing to say about it, Please let me know. Thanks for your time!