Harley Davidson sign

My first real project on the maslow. I used to make these on the scroll saw in bulk for craft fairs. This is SO much more simple.

harley davidson with tabs.gcode (486.7 KB)


Would love this file as a. Dxf or svg if you have it don’t really have the time to go editing gcode files for the z axis but otherwise great job clean cuts on the front. Sanded or down bit?

I used a downcut bit and did some light sanding on the back.

Here’s the svg file, I don’t have a dxf file for it though

Thank you svg is fine actually! Great cuts can’t wait to try this with new 4 flute compression bit want to see how clean each edge will be have only used the 2 flute downcut bits so far.

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wow! sounds like you wont have to do any sanding lol. I only had to do a little with the 2 flute downcut bit

Ha we will see that’s my hope for the price of the bit set I would hope not, now to just get the machine calibrated… Again, lol. it was pretty close with the regular calibration then my wife accidently hit the light switch for the shop (it’s in the house for whatever electrician decided that would be a good idea) and the sudden shutdown of the pc router and arduino somehow threw the whole thing bonkers. It thinks the center of the workpeice now is bottom left corner. Defiantly getting an antech saftey box for the pc and arduino in the near future!

You shouldn’t have to do an entire calibration after loosing power, just reset the chain lengths (Actions -> Set Chain Lengths Automatic)

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