Why: Chains Don't Extend Far Enough to Connect Sled

One common issue that comes up often during calibration, particularly for new users, is that the amount of chain extended isn’t long enough to connect to the sled. 99% of the time it’s because they are using a top beam that is longer than the stock 10-foot beam design.

To fix this, go to Advanced Settings → Extend Chain Distance and increase this amount. The default is 1651 mm and this is good for a 10-foot top beam, however, it’s not enough chain for a 12-foot beam. For a 12-foot beam, it’s recommended to change this value to 2032 mm. Note: See @dlang’s comments below in next post regarding other values that may be used.

You may ask why 1651 mm for a 10-foot beam and 2032 mm for a 12-foot beam as they seem to be rather specific numbers… and it’s true, they are specifically chosen because they are multiples of one complete rotation of the sprocket, 63.5 mm. Why this is important is explained here:

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There is nothing magic about 1651 or 2032, the only requirement is that it is a
multiple of 6.35mm (the length of a link of chain)

while both of these values work, why not pick a value that puts the sled at (or
at least very near) the center of the workpiece?

1816.1 would be very close to center on a stock frame, 2070.1 would be very
close for a 12’ top beam (in both cases, 18" above the workpiece)

David Lang

I found 2032 mm put out enough chain for my 12-foot setup so that there was enough slack to reattach the chain the sled in a comfortable position.

I’ve tried to simplify things in my explanation using 63.5 mm vs 6.35 mm. I think it’s easier to explain it this way… people will see the same tooth and same link at the top if they did everything correctly.

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