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Has anyone used a Performax router?


Hi, just bought a Maslow (used but NIB), should be here Monday. :slight_smile: I just bought a Performax router Has anyone used one with their Maslow and/or rigged up a z axis kit on one? It looks similar in function to the AEG type of z axis function. Thanks!


Welcome to the Forum!
Can you give us more details on the Z-axis, like pictures where it will go?

Edit :

  • if this your router, 1 is the attachment for the z-motor. Get the diameter of the thread for the correct coupler.
  • check the clamp 2 if there is some screw to adjust that the inside still can move but is not wiggling.
  • if above does not work, check if you can find a ‘semi-closed’ position of the clamp.
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Thanks for the reply, Gero.

Here is the mechanism. I’ll take it apart to get the diameter of the thread tonight. I’m pretty confident I can find the sweet spot on the clamp you mention.

Tempted to make a drive to Home depot (still and hour away…) but not wanting to drive or spend the money if I can make this work reasonably.


That looks like rack and pinion. There is controversy about the accuracies but I have been interested in trying it. :grinning:
I was thinking that a sideways knob interests me more than the way this looks with the first gear. Is it plastic? It DOES sit how Ridged or AEG is configured. That could be an advantage.


Find a way to mount the z-motor, i had to go far up on my previous sled.

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I’m more of a cutter than a maker so i went and bought a Ridgid today. Built the default frame this afternoon.


I’ve used this router. I had other issues and never completed my maslow. I took the handles off and used a bungee cord to pull it down. I also took the height indicator off and grabbed a couple off Amazon to fit the motor shaft and z axis shaft.

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