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Metalmaslow shipping time?

Maybe it’s just a fluke, maybe something happened to the guy, or maybe he’s just a flake. Maybe the dude lives in Antarctica and shipping takes a bit.
But it’s getting irritating at this point.

But it’s been a almost a month since I ordered from them.
1st email to them he replies with a small delay on order, but will be out that week.
2 emails and 16 days after 1st email still no package, he still has not replied to my inquiries on shipping.

Anyone know this guy or what the deal is.
Not exactly the most ideal way to please customers on parts listed in stock.

He’s not a scam if that’s a concern…I’ve never heard of anyone not getting what they bought, but yeah that is a long time to wait. Bummer.

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Where are you located? A package from him took about 2 weeks to arrive in Germland.

He’s a joke. That’s all I will say including the shoddy product. I always warned people about him. Don’t be surprised if the package shows up either damaged, looks like it was packed in the back alley, and will be a nightmare to return.

And if he does respond, he will defend himself and never apologize for any mistakes or constructive criticism that’s given. Why he’s still in business is beyond me.

Yeah I had a interesting experience with him, and finally canceled my order after a month of no updates.
I should post his emails to me as it would show his personality and complete disrespect for people sending him money. But I’m not quite that offended so I’ll keep it a light flame.
Tried blaming his incompetence on customers like me, that expect just a hint of communication.
He has zero interest in being a business, certainly no skills to make it work.

If it’s going to take x-x amount of time, just be up front with people giving you money.
Don’t tell customers it’s shipping when you don’t have the parts in hand, and no intentions to even get it out in a timely manner.

With that said, I’ll never recommend anyone to purchase anything from this guy.
I’ll gladly spend 10x more at a local shop making one for me.

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Ya, it was the worst experience I had in a looooong time. I still lost over $140 because he didn’t have his address correct, when told me to a specific address, it got rejected by the receiver, and when he finally folded and sent me an actual UPS return to a THIRD location to get my $600 back from PayPal, he still was going on about how he’s not in the wrong. It was horrifying.

I honestly was pissed off more some people were actually defending the guy that ‘mistakes happen’. Uhhh…this was beyond a bad service.

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I have ordered twice with issues both times. Last time I ordered a pre-loaded pi from him. After 3 weeks he blamed it on not having the time to go through the process of putting the image on the card? Not sure about that answer… only takes me 5 minutes. Acted as if I was wrong for asking where my order was. Finally told him to just send it and I’d burn it myself. That is how I got it.

First order took a month. Said he had been moving. No problem if you COMMUNICATE!!

Lesson learned.

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same issue, I ordered on the 22nd of Feb and still haven’t received it. He was nice enough to answer his phone twice and respond to email twice. I had to back charge and go somewhere else.

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No reason customers should be treated this way.
Be up front with people sending you money for your services,
Honestly, just delete your website.