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Metalmaslow shipping time?

Maybe it’s just a fluke, maybe something happened to the guy, or maybe he’s just a flake. Maybe the dude lives in Antarctica and shipping takes a bit.
But it’s getting irritating at this point.

But it’s been a almost a month since I ordered from them.
1st email to them he replies with a small delay on order, but will be out that week.
2 emails and 16 days after 1st email still no package, he still has not replied to my inquiries on shipping.

Anyone know this guy or what the deal is.
Not exactly the most ideal way to please customers on parts listed in stock.

He’s not a scam if that’s a concern…I’ve never heard of anyone not getting what they bought, but yeah that is a long time to wait. Bummer.

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Where are you located? A package from him took about 2 weeks to arrive in Germland.

He’s a joke. That’s all I will say including the shoddy product. I always warned people about him. Don’t be surprised if the package shows up either damaged, looks like it was packed in the back alley, and will be a nightmare to return.

And if he does respond, he will defend himself and never apologize for any mistakes or constructive criticism that’s given. Why he’s still in business is beyond me.

Yeah I had a interesting experience with him, and finally canceled my order after a month of no updates.
I should post his emails to me as it would show his personality and complete disrespect for people sending him money. But I’m not quite that offended so I’ll keep it a light flame.
Tried blaming his incompetence on customers like me, that expect just a hint of communication.
He has zero interest in being a business, certainly no skills to make it work.

If it’s going to take x-x amount of time, just be up front with people giving you money.
Don’t tell customers it’s shipping when you don’t have the parts in hand, and no intentions to even get it out in a timely manner.

With that said, I’ll never recommend anyone to purchase anything from this guy.
I’ll gladly spend 10x more at a local shop making one for me.

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Ya, it was the worst experience I had in a looooong time. I still lost over $140 because he didn’t have his address correct, when told me to a specific address, it got rejected by the receiver, and when he finally folded and sent me an actual UPS return to a THIRD location to get my $600 back from PayPal, he still was going on about how he’s not in the wrong. It was horrifying.

I honestly was pissed off more some people were actually defending the guy that ‘mistakes happen’. Uhhh…this was beyond a bad service.

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I have ordered twice with issues both times. Last time I ordered a pre-loaded pi from him. After 3 weeks he blamed it on not having the time to go through the process of putting the image on the card? Not sure about that answer… only takes me 5 minutes. Acted as if I was wrong for asking where my order was. Finally told him to just send it and I’d burn it myself. That is how I got it.

First order took a month. Said he had been moving. No problem if you COMMUNICATE!!

Lesson learned.

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same issue, I ordered on the 22nd of Feb and still haven’t received it. He was nice enough to answer his phone twice and respond to email twice. I had to back charge and go somewhere else.

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No reason customers should be treated this way.
Be up front with people sending you money for your services,
Honestly, just delete your website.

Here is my response.
Basically if you think like Joe, that would you would rather pay 10x for a local shop then please do that. IF that is how one thinks we are probably not the company to buy stuff from. Save us both some grief. Then why do people continue to buy parts from us? Well because no one else is stocking and selling parts like faster z axis or laser cut bases is my guess.

DIYAKI didn’t like the paint job on the gantry plate and some other COSMETIC only issues. so he returned it, no big deal. Website says to contact us for a return label, but he was so upset he overpaid UPS store for return service for $140 and wrong address. we sent him return label. He was still furious. Apparently months latter he is still angry about the wrong address. He was angry enough to false accuse me of refusing delivery. What good would that do me? paypal would still refund his purchase and I’d loose a kit.

Jon_Brohau and Joe 85. we make money selling kits, not parts.
Joe you ordered a laser cut steel base for $25! it says right on our website we do NOT make any money on it. But yet here you are trying to tear us down? the community doesnt’ need that. go ahead post any emails I sent. It’s unbelievable how people like you act towards vendors selling something at no profit. yes I’m pissed. cost of steel is skyrocked too, due to pandemic.

I’ve just researched my complaints and seems like the vast majority of complaints are from customers that just order some small parts and then come here and complain.

to the community at large: years ago this was an awesome place people giving people the vendors help improving the product. If people like the above are allowed to try and cancel culture a vendor, then that benefits no one.

I had originally thought having a great priced kit with many upgrades would sell it self. but I was wrong. marketing and advertising seem to be the key to selling a lot of kits.

all it takes is about 2-3% of unreasonable customer to shut a business down. seriously
ebay, amazon, etsy, any credti card vendor will cancel a business’s accounts over a complaint ratio that high. even worse credit card companies will force vendors to have thousand of dollars in reserves if the complaints get more than a couple percentages

So yes DIYAki the communithy defends me because I try to help the community. the communitiy is lucky to have 3 vendors that sell kits. it’s very expensive to stock a couple hundred kits for sale. No one is guaranteeing me a profit. If I loose my savings no one is going to bale me. Most people can see the value in that. the fact you are still complaining about the wrong shipping address months latter tells people something.

so what is the solution? I can’t sell parts at bottom basement prices anymore and I have to communicate better. which means prices have to raise because I have to spend more time. I’ll loose business over this response most likely but better to let people know where I stand then let these false accusations fly. I am always amazed how some upset customers can twist the facts so much. seriously turning a mole hill into a mountain.

now if anyone has a order they want a refund on, just email us, I’ll take care of it.

the good news. 2021 metal maslow kits are finally in stock and we’re almost 100% recovered from the curve balls the pandemic threw us.

I wish you the best of luck with your business ventures.

3 things 99% of people want from an online purchase:

Honest description of part
Reasonable shipping times

You nailed 1 down but pissed all over the other 2…

Communication man that’s really my only complaint.
You don’t tell people it’s shipping if you haven’t even put your hands on the damn thing, how ignorant are you?
yeah you get pissed, because you don’t make money, that’s my fault…

I’ll give you an example, I recently listed something on ebay,
it sold.
I emailed him,
he paid,

I know I’m not making money. It says that right on my website.

My beef with you is people like make me raise my prices. the $25 plate is now $75.
People like you make it impossible for me to help more people because even though you know I’m not making money off of it you come here and tell everyone that I should shut down my website over a $25 item you didnt’ get and got a 100% full refund on Meanwhile I lost $15 due to your charge back dispute and will have to sell annother 98 sales to break even on your bad credit rating you gave me. all over an item I dont’ make a cent on. give me a break.

LOL, you got to be kidding me. I sold that laser cut base plate at no profit and you expect customer service to be top notch on a non profit item? I sold over 100 of them. Only 2 complaints I recall from people that were pissed it took too long. other 98 showed gratitude not attitude.

98% of people want a good price according to my sales data.

this over the top complaint was over a $25 laser cut base plate we made zero profit on. we got it made to help the community because many people have alignment issues with the diy plywood base. I guess no good deed goes unpunished because if one looked at the complaint without this rebutall you’d think I somehow royally screwewd him over when in fact I was the one helping him. so are members like this helping the community over their petty devisive comments. no they are what make other vendors sell their kit for $1200 , because they have to put up with stuff like this.

Or you could own up to your incompetence.
You’re still trying to blame the customer for you not shipping a part out in a reasonable amount of time.
After telling me you were shipping it…

Figure it out bud, if you communicate and ship within a reasonable time frame, this never would have been posted.

Just because you send money to me doesn’t give you the right to treat me like crap when I can’t fufill the order in time. Seriously what is wrong with people like you?
you suggest I close my website and do exactly what with $60K of inventory, because you didn’t get the $25 sled quick enough? have you shipped out 100 products to the community free of charge? what exactly have you done to help the maslow community buddy?

I did figure it out. Raised the price 3x due to you and that has slowed down orders of that item considerably so I can keep up.

And again it’s the customers fault for your failures.

Communication my friend. That’s all that had to be done.
Instead you blew me off, fed me lies, and then told me people like me was the problem for you not completing the work.

I didn’t blame my customers for me not completing their projects on time due to not receiving the part in a timely manner.
I kept them informed when nearing deadline, apologized, offered a discount, and immediately expedited their projects as soon as I knew I wasn’t getting a part from you.

Customer service is 95% of business today. But only 5% of businesses even know the meaning of customer service. Maybe try and make that 5.1% and be helpful to the people that are supporting you. Maybe that person that’s only spending $25 today, brings in 5k next month. But you’ll never know if you don’t treat them well.

We live in a world where time is money.
If you waste people’s time be prepared to hear about it.

I wasn’t going to get involved in this thread. But I feel like @Joe_85 is making great points about communication. Those are the same points I tried to make to you when I personally had issues as well. I called, texted, and emailed for 2 straight weeks after having talked with you on the phone saying you’d ship my missing parts. After 2 weeks of being blown off and ignored, I sent an email about requesting a refund through my card company for missing parts. Then, and only then, did you reply back. You said you’d ship out the next day. And then do you remember what happened? You created a label, sent me tracking info, and then proceeded to wait over a week to ship. It took another ignored call and text message for you to actually get it in the mail.

@Metalmaslow you mention selling for no profit and not running it like a business. If that’s the case, why isn’t that detail on your website? Why is there not a disclaimer saying that it will take 2 weeks to ship? If you want to run it like that I think that is fine, but let people know up front. I can go to your site, add a (now $75 because you’re mad at Joe) baseplate to my cart, and proceed to checkout without ever seeing a notice that it’s going to take 2-3 weeks to ship. Tried it just now to be sure. If that was on the site anywhere, people could make more informed purchases. They could decide to get a great deal on great parts from you or spend twice as much for a kit they can have by the end of the week, that contains much less solid metal parts.

Also, @Metalmaslow you keep saying “help the community”. If that’s really what you want to do, why do you get on the forums once a month to bash customers that feel that you wronged them instead of work it out? Why not accept constructive criticism about your business/non-business you are trying to run? I am on plenty of forums for various things where there are good people that want to help the communities. They don’t want to run businesses either so they don’t use a website or a store front. They communicate with the community they want to help, sell their products at cost in the forum ads, and participate in discussions. I rarely ever see posts from you on here. Besides crying because it’s everyone else’s fault, what are you doing? Are you helping resolve issues? I’ve answered several posts about people getting kits missing parts and needing to know what the parts are. Even took mine apart several times to measure or check numbers to help someone out. Are you commenting on threads about improvements? What about the various people that have asked for settings to use with the parts that only come in your kit?

Are you here to help, or make easy money off people making uninformed decisions due to a lack of communication about what you offer?

Getting pissed about someone helping you for free and then complaining it took too long for the free help is beyond selfish. Look I get it I’m not going to change your mind. You will continue to think because you sent me money I somehow owe you big time even on items that are non profit. you dont’ look at the big picture of helping the community and think canceling me over a $25 order is totally acceptable because I didnt’ get back to you quick enough. If that’s the case please order else where.
Even during the middle of a pandemic when supplies are hard to get you are PO over a 2 week wait. when I ordred my maslow kit I think it took several months and it was buggy and had a lot of issues and I was glad. I get it, times have changed.

Because rarely if ever does a pissed customer provide a level headed review. As mentioned above you would think Joe-85 had been massively wronged by his review, when in fact he was pissed that he didnt’ get a non profit item shipped out soon enough that no one else sells. hot diggity, do you know how much steel prices are now a days? show me a laser cutting place that’s going to custom cut you a 15x15" steel plate for $25? So I go out and spend $4000 on steel and several thousand in laser cutting fees and I think to myself, wow it woudl be cool to get a few more made and sell them to the community for at price cause i have the volume to do that. and I get people like you and then joe85 tells me to shut down my business over me trying to help.

you gotta be freaking kidding me, you go invest tens of thousands of dollars in kits and try selling them if you think its so easy. un believable. seriously. email me I’ll give you all my suppliers, drawings etc. did that for a guy in Europe, even offered to mail him some kits to try out, he never got back to me.