Communication with Metal Maslow

I’ve continually tried reaching out to this guy by phone, text, email, FB page, FB group, and now here. I returned his kit last week and he promised to refund me by yesterday and that didn’t happen. Does anyone else know of a way to get a refund from this guy?
@Metalmaslow Please answer the numerous messages that I’ve left for you or simply pay me back as promised.

I would mention him using @Metalmaslow so he gets notified about your post

Thank you for this tip.

This guy is notorious for bad communication. Lots of us have had issues with him. You might have to open a dispute with your credit card company.

The Metal Maslow guy just messaged me, so he certainly should be available to help you now.

You messaged us last Satuday at 5:17pm and when you didn’t get a response by Sunday morning you went on facebook and said we had horrible communication.
You DID get a hold of us and we said we would refund you on Monday, but at 9:26am Monday you messaged us you said you waited long enough and open up a paypal dispute which now we had to resolve to get the money back to you, which has been done. Paypal might require you to provide tracking number to get the funds.

Garrett, we sold you a sled kti about 6 months ago and every time you get a chance to bad mouth us you do. We offered a full refund, we still offer that if you want to do that. We even ate the $45 fee to order the custom dewalt router mount you wanted and lost $10 plus labor on your order.

We run a legitimate business, but it’s a small side business that hasn’t even broken even like most business less than a year old. There are several product we sell on a not for profit basis like vcarve software, estlecam, metal motor mount bars, etc and most recently the custom cut laser sled base. on products we do not make money on we really do expect some lattitude and understanding, otherwise it’s not worth the headache of helping the community.

if you dont’ like the product you can return it for a full refund.

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Metal Maslow, I will keep my reply brief and make it the last here, so not to get off topic. While I could have taken the refund, and you asked me not to, it was your communication over the months of waiting for my kit to ship that was worse than the product. I do not bad mouth you every chance I get. If you would like me to make a post with a review of your product and business practices I would be happy to. I hope you will come to see that with numerous people reporting you do not answer emails and give false shipping dates you will see how you could improve your business. I think having many people and business contributing to the development of the Maslow CNC is a great thing. Just give people the respect of a return email, let them know realistic shipping dates, and don’t send nasty messages.

actually you do badmouth us every chance you get
Just last week you claimed on FB we sent you “MUD COVERED” hardware. Then I posted this photo you emailed us proving you were lying

then you back tracked and said it wasnt’ mud covered just dirty.
then today you have slandered us again saying we have a history of bad communication on facebook and on the maslow forums.

and we haven’t made a single penny off of you. You’ve got a lot of nerve to say our message offering a refund was nasty given the lies you have recently posted.

one thing to keep in mind, nobody who is producing the maslow kits is doing it
as a business, it’s a side gig at best. life and $job interfere from time to

David Lang


Very true, though if I had a side gig I would not tell a customer five different shipping dates. If he would have said he didn’t know when it would be ready to ship I would have understood. Instead he kept giving shipping dates that were never met over a few months. He just needs to learn some communication skills. His accusations are getting quite old as well. Businessman or hobbiest, he is not a good person.

I totally understand this is a side job but it’s a job he chose to take. With selling anything you have to expect that a customer wants clear communication and the product(s) that they paid for. When communication has been terrible, product(s) received are not what was promised, refunds are delayed, etc. you can see where the customer would become frustrated. In Garrett’s case he received something that was not correct/damaged and covered in mud. In my case, I still haven’t been refunded, parts were missing in my kit, the router showed signs of being heavily used, the z axis has scratches and dirty marks, the power cords was showing signs of being scraped or stretched, etc. and on top of this I’ve had terrible communication with this guy and still haven’t gotten my money back. Side gig or not this situation sucks.

Garrett again you are lying about “months” of delays and “5 different shipping dates”. We shipped your sled 14 days after you ordered it and shipped the bars 37 days afterwards. Both at no profit. You expect us to serve the community and could care less if we do not make a penny. You are not the only person with this type of attitude. Told some guy we were not making money and he emailed us and told us to raise prices. Dont expect gratitude, but don’t expect attitude either! and when life gets in the way you exaggerate and lie and are still complaining 6 months latter! Before you make up your next lies, try actually looking at the timeline of events? We again have offered you a refund, actions speak louder than words. I really do wonder if the stuff you bought was so bad, why do you keep it?
Here is the time line from my emails:
10/26/2019 10:19 AM received order for top metal bars
11/5/2019 11:16 AM received order for base
11/8/2019 7:12 AM customer asks for shipping status. 2 back and forth emails I was late in getting back to you regarding the non profit bar order.
11/19/2019 sled base ships
11/21/2019 7:45 PM customer says they got sled but we sent wrong router clamp.
11/27/2019 at 12:41 PM we email customer and ask them if they still want bars since they will be hand drilled and not laser cut due to low demand.
12/2/2019 bars ship out
12/3/2019 dewalt clamp ships

You have no idea the amount of effort it took to order 100 steel bars which weight about 2000 lbs, cut them down to 6 feet, stack them, flip them 4 times to prime them then flip them 4 times to paint them and then make labels and ship them. And when I unloaded the bars I strained my back and spent a few days in bed recovering. And you tell me that I need to learn communication skills? And now I’m not a good person for trying to help the community? I seriously did think about just refuding the 40 or so orders for metal bars, but I made them anyways at a loss. Your private message saying I’m lying is so easy to prove false. You even posted on facebook that it was the part that was dirty.

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If you had just waited to get the refund on Monday like I told you, you would of gotten it. But instead at 9:26am Monday you said you had waited long enough and opened up a paypal dispute, It’s not my fault paypal requries you give them the tracking info. Complain to paypal if you do not like their policies. In my book if someome sends you a message at 5pm sat and you get back to them on Sunday that is acceptable. You called me 7pm yesterday, I got back to you today. That is also what I consider acceptable. If you need faster communication there are other compeitors who may or maynot have faster response times. I’ve lost my main job due to Covid 19 and am also very busy with day to day matters right now so if anyone is reading this and wonders why it is taking longer that is the main reason.

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Yes, it was dirty. Is that still in question?

saying something is covered in mud when only the bottom half was dirty according to your own posts is proof you were lying about it being covered in mud is my point. Saying a product is covered in mud is not an exaggeration, it is just a flat out lie meant to hurt a business for no reason other to be spiteful.

It was covered in mud. That is what made it dirty. This is not a lie. Please grow up. I am tired of listening to your lies.

If sending parts dirty is so offensive to you then make sure to clean you parts before sending.
It was not a huge issue and did not take my very long to clean off, but it demonstrates a lack of professionalism, as does your behavior now.

I didn’t open the Paypal claim in the morning that’s a lie. I sent you a message in the morning saying I’ve waited long enough since you’ve had the package for 3 days without refunding me. I didn’t start the claim until nearly midnight that Monday. The ball is now in your court. Paypal needs you to confirm you’ve received it so they can release the money back to me. Please do this now. It’s been long enough of a wait and you have the package back.

We do not send out parts covered in mud, nor have we ever. I’m sure people can read this, see the photos and your own posts which contradict your statements and come to the correct conclusion.

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More lies, but that is fine. Please stop contacting me.

I went onto paypal and looked at when the claim was actually started. April 4, 2020 at 3:23:42 PM PDT which is 11 days ago.