Having problems calibrating and was hoping someone could help me get started

sorry i was limited to the amount of post i could post on myfirst day :frowning:


From your picture you are connected with the latest GC an firmware 1.26
What is next?

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Check your Power Supply.
It doesn’t look like you have power to the shield. Next to the power plug should be a green LED lit


ok I think I see what you mean it is plugged in my outlet has power but it maybe that it’s not powering it the raspberry pi came already together is that normal?

It seems your shield is not getting power.

Do you mean the Arduino Mega underneath the shield?

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yes sir sorry im a litte uninformed

There are many users using a raspberry pi connected to the mega which is why i asked.
Please, check the power to the shield, you won’t be able to proceed until you get that sorted out.

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OK let me clarify i only have the items that came with the kit, i am using only what was supplied if that is the shield and the raspberry pi that is what i have, how would i begin to get the power sorted i am fresh to everything here was expecting to be something out of box to play with, i don,t have the understanding of the equipment thank you

I have power now! i Took it apart and its green!

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Its Working!

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Have no idea what you have either, i’m a different seller just trying to help.

Awesome! Try doing a Test Motors/encoders and see if they pass

They did! would the next step be trying with the machine on and uploading test gcode?

Next you need to calibrate the machine
Go to [Actions[-> [Calibrate] and follow the onscreen instructions

in this step do i remove my router to do this?

yes, the whole sled

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hi everyone had a pretty close call when measuring the chain and ive been spooked for some reason things stopped working properly afterward when measuring the chains i got to the point where i had to tighten it over the two sprockets and it moved the motors drastically tighten screws and proceeded, again i was able to proceed a few more steps where i again got stuck

I was not able to make it pass these steps, ive decided to download web control but not sure if im in over my head

use webcontrol. no chain stretch required.

how do you launch webcontrol? Windows batch file?

you download webcontrol here and then you unzip it and double click on the webcontrol.exe file. Then you open a web browser to /localhost:5000 and it should be there.

Edit: calibration is in action menu quick start. After you establish communication.

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