Having trouble transferring files from dxf through gcode

I’ve been making my files in rhino, exporting dxfs, converting dxf to svg (using online tools), and then uploading it to MakerCam. From MakerCam I have scaling issues but that I’ve kinda figured out. The bigger issue is that when I make the cut paths, tabs, etc and export the gcode it doesn’t show up properly in groundcontrol. Any ideas?

The file ends up looking like this … but it should look like this…

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Love the forums!

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Woah, that is strange! Can you attach the gcode file so I can try to find out what’s going on in it?

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Pretty crazy, huh. Unfortunately, it says I can’t upload an attachment as a new user.

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A bit of reading time, a few likes and comments will get you over that soon.
Dropbox or some other cloud dump yard?