Hello from New Zealand

From the website:
Product Dimensions (mm)
W:195 H:350 L:130

It certainly looks less chunky than the Bosch, and I’m guessing the handles unscrew rather than having to be cut off.

It’s 850W. Is that sufficient?

The Ozito router is also discussed in another thread. First example:

Second example:

Yep, that’s it. Power seems fine and yes the handles just screw off

Any problems with runout (wobble of the output shaft)?

Not that I can tell, but this is my first CNC, so I’m just happy to be able to cut something out.

Ok. Great. This is a group build, so we’ll think about the Ozito and the Bosch. I can see pros and cons for both. It’s good to know the Ozito actually works. Thanks for the information.

Hi, I’m also in New Zealand. Based in Auckland, my kit has just arrived. Planning on using the Bosch POF 1200 AE router…

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Hello sailor! :wink:

Our kit is in Customs. :frowning: I’m sure it will be on its way again soon. Today I took a look at the Ozito router in Bunnings. The attraction of it (apart from being slightly cheaper) is that the Z-axis modifications can be done on the outside. I’ve had a good look at it, and a good look at the ideas on this forum, but until the box arrives (which contains the Z-axis kit) it won’t be totally clear. Certainly the Bosch modifications are better documented here.

Have fun with yours.

Hi Ame,

Thanks for the welcome! Yes the Ozito is a possibility, however Ozito tools are low quality and I suspect there would be a bit of run out in the spindle assembly. It would be a very cheap way to get started and could always be replaced with a better quality unit once one was happy that the Maslow was able to give you what you need.

Our Maslow kit has arrived!

All the parts seem to be present. We’ve bought a Bosch POF 1200 AE router, I’ve printed the Z-axis adapter and bracket, and we have a leadscrew and nut.

Next, assemble the frame, hook everything up, then we’re done. :slight_smile:


Hey All,

I’ve just had my kit arrive too. I’m based in Auckland as well.

Still got to get a router. I’m leaning towards the bosch, but was wondering if anyone has looked at CNC spindles specially?

I didn’t bother getting a coupler when I ordered the kit as I wasn’t sure which router I was going to go for. Going to have to grab one before I do the conversion.



Hi Paul,

I’m in Auckland as well. If you go for the Bosch POF 1200 AE router, I have a spare leadscrew, nut & coupling which I’d be willing to part with if you cover my costs. Still need to fabricate Z-axis adapter and bracket.

Hey @sailorxyz might be a plan, how much are you wanting for them?

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$12.00 plus any postage should cover it.

Sounds good, I’ll flick you a PM shortly.

Happy birthday btw.

The Bosch is a good option, an other option is getting something like the following https://forums.maslowcnc.com/t/z-axis-upgrade-is-almost-ready-for-prime-time/ with a spindle :slight_smile: I still have to build mine just need to find the time :slight_smile:

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Hi Guy’s,

For folks from New Zealand and in particular, Auckland what about a meet up? There a few of us and I suspect most of us are Maslow newbies but not all. Be good for moral and to compare notes… Any support for the idea?

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Could be interested in a catch up, depending on date/time.

Also would be interested it know what bit’s you guys are running or if you’ve found a local supplier? Bunnings and M10 don’t seem to stock anything useful. I see there are a few bit’s available on TradeMe, but I’m not sure if they would be suitable.

I just order from Linbide directly. They have a good range of router bits and are decent quality. See:


Kia ora team!

Just joined from Wellington, great to see a little community. @Ned your bosch 1200 mod was a life saver.

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Just a quick update (for those who care). For various reasons the project hadn’t started for a while, however, we’re onto it now.

We have assembled the electronics and programmed the Arduino. We have a tablet ready for Ground Control, but that has a bit of a pod on right now. We’ll fix it.

The frame is assembled. We’ve made it a little shorter, and we’ve hinged the top edge and hung it off the wall. The cutting area and relationship between that and the top beam are the same as the default frame. Two swing arms prop the frame away from the wall at about 15°.