Hello from New Zealand

Maslow lives!

After a couple of false starts, today we cut the final sled! And basically, once you have cut the final sled all the other projects are the same.

We have not moved the parts from the temporary sled to the final sled, but everyone is happy that the machine actually works.

Our sled measured 18" horizontally, and was 1/16" short vertically, so that’s pretty good too.

The only problem outstanding is occasional loss of communication. This could get very frustrating very quickly, but for now we were lucky that the machine did not lose its position when it lost communication.



Maslow still lives!

We got it going for real on Saturday. Unfortunately the bug in v1.24 bit us, so the first item I made was a disaster. However, the upgrade to v1.25 fixed that and I ran off three copies of an object at different locations on the panel. All good, and no communication dropouts. Each job was about 20 minutes.

I just received some long router bits from China. They will be long enough to accommodate the extra depth from adding the sled, and are 9.5mm (3/8") cutting diameter. A bit chunky, but correspondingly stronger I hope.

PM me if you’re near Christchurch, New Zealand, and want to take a look.


Have you got a link to the bits you’re using?

We’re not using them yet. They only just arrived and we have yet to evaluate them.

Here’s one:

It has 1/4" (6.35mm) shank, length 110mm, cutting edge 76mm, cutting diameter 3/8" (9.5mm)

Here’s the other:

It has 1/4" (6.35mm) shank, length 85mm, cutting edge 50mm, cutting diameter 3/8" (9.5mm)

The bit supplied with the Bosch is good, but it’s short, and when you add the thickness of the sled you are not left with much cutting depth. We have a slightly longer 1/4" bit, but it is not fully inserted into the collet as we still needed some length.

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Hi all, just joined from Auckland, NZ.
Been thinking to get a kit, but tax and shipping is a little annoying… so have started to cad it up in SLDWKS.
I’d be keen to meet anyone else in Auckland and have a chat, as I’m new to CNC’s (though have built a delta 3DP).
Is anyone aware if there is a SmoothieBoard port of the code?

Also, @Ned, didn’t you work on level 6 in IronBank at some point? I think we met a while ago (via DanW).

that is me indeed!
I am moving to Taupo in January though, and my machine is still in 7 million pieces and on hold some more until i move to Taupo

Haha such a small world.
My 3DP is in a similar state (pending the upgrade to Smoothie board)
Have you had your Maslow running yet? Did you get the ring system? What sort of accuracy in the cuts have you seen?

i am THE worst maslow user in the world i think… problem is at first i had too many cars in my garage to work on it, then i was broke for a while due to surgery, then i did some work on it for a while in winter but found a lady friend to keep me company so stopped again, and not im moving to Taupo and bought a house… havent done a single cut on mine.
Im also designing mine to be an XY machine (much to most peoples disappointment) so will be a bunch more work and will probably be shit once im done and convert back to standard maslow hahaha

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I wouldn’t have pegged you as the worst Maslow user in the world. Your 3D-printed adapter for the Bosch router was great, and we used it on ours. We cut the screw-thread boss from nylon because my prints weren’t strong enough for that application, but the King of Kings bracket is still going strong. Thanks!

However, since your Maslow is in pieces, and most others have said they haven’t finished theirs yet it’s just possible that ours is the only working Maslow in New Zealand!

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I’m in the same boat and will build one this winter (with Maslow parts and steel/aluminium frame). If you’d like to exchange let me know.

Anyone in Christchurch on here?

I’m north west of Christchurch.

Not many other Maslow owners around here (yet…).

Still active? I am also from Hamilton… :slight_smile:

Just a new one on the edge to buy a kit…

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: I think there’s still a few kiwi’s on the boards

Hey all, I’m in Auckland and looking to buy a maslow to cut out small boat parts.
Would love to see one in operation and just generally meet other users and chuck around ideas if there is someone local.

Hi i am in timaru and i am looking at getting one i was looking for someone that is selling them in nz dose anyone know if someone is

no, there is not anyone manufacturing the kits outside the US, the people in the
US will ship them worldwide, but you have to pay the shipping and customs fees.

David Lang

No stockists in NZ. You’ll have to buy the kit and have it shipped.

We bought one of the original Maslow kits. It was packed quite compactly and shipping was not too bad. We’re just outside Christchurch. Bit of a trek from Timaru, but you can visit if you like and check out our machine.

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the reply if i am up that way i mite just pop in we let you know if i do

Thanks Dave

Hi thanks for the reply would recomend anyone

Thanks Dave