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Help, I need a new OpenSource CAD/CAM today?


That’s on my list, I
Mananged to piece g code together and got a full pass. Trophies are due Friday. Got 6 more to cut out as of now


Got this email today. Looks like they gonna charge for it now, so that explains a lot


Estlcam is awesome you won’t regret using it


Any limits in it?


I don’t believe so.


No, this is not saying that they will charge for Onshape, and it’s not saying
that they will remove Kiri:moto. This is just saying that there will be an
additional CAM package available (a new one from VisualCAMc), and that new one
will requre payment.

David Lang


You can use FreeCAD, it is open source CAD/CAM full package and works great with Maslow
Check freecad from the maslow forums for more info.


I have used laserweb to cut inside and outside profiles and it works fine. (have to convert to mm everywhere)


Here in this Reddit post I have tried to list all the available Free and Open source software I could find. I hope it helps.