Help, I'm a newbe! I can build the frame, but I don't have the slightest idea how to build the rest

I’m an old school designer with a degree in Architecture YEARS AGO, almost older than dirt. I have ordered what I think is a basket of parts, as the kits are no longer available and I can’t seem to find a parts list with part numbers.
I also don’t see any schematic on anything, wiring, computer hook-up nor mechanical. I have built many prototypes using pictures to to reverse engineer, so the mechanical part is doable. I have even done a fair amount of electrical soldering and component build, so I can do most anything if I can get a schematic.
Help, help, I’m sinking here. Throw me a life preserver!!
Thanks, lonejack.

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check out this youtube video setup series


You can find a complete parts list here:

And many of the hard to find parts are now listed for sale here:

You’ve caught us at an awkward time where putting together a machine is a little more tough. Hopefully someone will have kits for sale again soon!

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I am going to cancel my parts order until I can assemble some sort of assembly plan, including wiring schematics.
It seems as though right now I have a steep learning curve. Having a bunch of parts lying around that may go obsolete probably isn’t a good idea.
Thanks for getting back to me.


Thank You so much for your reply!!
I have leaped to Your Youtube channel and will be watching Your whole series.
I have several projects that this machine can make them happen so much quicker.
Once I begin to think of the possibilities, the sky is the limit.
Thanks again!! Lonejack


it’s not my youtube channel just so you know. the wiring is just push in connectors, hardly worth the effort to make a schematic IMHO, putting it together is relatively easy for those mechanically inclined, the real learning curve is the software IMHO.


I thought I was on the Maslow forum, not Youtube.

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you are, but youtube is a good place for people to post useful videos

I am sort of getting my feet wet on Sketchup. Have in the past, done some work with Turbo Cad.
In order to be able to do some things I want to do with the Maslow, I need to be able to convert prints from JPEG to digital.
Can anyone give links to sites where I can learn the software i need to do this?
I also need to be able to learn the ins and outs of the software running Maslow. Where do I go to learn these programs.
Thanks, Lonejack.

Use the forum search to look for ‘Sketchup’, there has been some discussion in the past. I’ve used it - to save some grief, pay attention to the posts that talk about the right and the wrong versions of the svg plugin :wink:.