New new and dont know where to start

Hi ! I bought the Maslow a few weeks ago and I guess it’s not going to ship for a few months. My questions are

What all will be included with this version of the maslow? Yes I did get the z axis as well

What frame should I build ? As I keep reading their is different designs so what’s the best one to build? Or will their be a new design with the new maslow?

What software applications should I download free or buy? I’m new to cnc. I have sketchup and corral draw if any of those help .
And how do I understand g code?

Thanks for the help I feel like I’m in over my head and maybe it will be better once my machine shows up!



Unless there is a major breakthrough in the next week or two this next batch will be identical to the last batch (the bungee cord is going to be a little thicker)

I would recommend going with the default frame unless you have a reason to build a different one. The default frame and the bolt together frame are more or less identical in their dimensions.

If you like using sketchup and corral draw I would say stick with those! The general process is that you design in any program you like, save a .svg file from that program and use it to generate the gcode. You shouldn’t ever need to “understand gcode” beyond knowing that it is the file which tells the machine how to move.

I would recommend checking out this video here (it’s a little outdated, and the sketchup plugin has been updated), but it’s still mostly accurate

If you can go through that process you should be ready to start cutting as soon as you get your machine set up!

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I’m not putting money on that not happening :slight_smile:

Still going with bungees? Wouldn’t counterweights be better or are they not tested enough yet?

I generally agree with Bar on this one, EXCEPT if you have special requirements, like a complex, multi-part assembly, or a need to share your design with others over many iterations. In those cases there are other CAD programs that may suit your project better. If, like most users, you have easy to medium complexity projects, use whatever you are comfortable with.

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So the ring will be part of my kit ?

Yes it will! 123456789

something that will work with triangular kinematics will be part of every future

Right now Bar is shipping a ring, but if he finds that the manufacturing of the
ring is too inaccurate, he could switch to a linkage kit for future batches.

or we may figure otu something completely different that works even better.

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