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SVG and DXF files always 1/10 its size

so every time I load either the svg or dxf files for multiple different project the project seems to be tiny. For example, a MS Pacman cabinet, is only about 10 inches wide for the entire file. the side pieces are 69 inch by themselves. and this is on multiple files and multiple programs (easel, krabzcam, cardide create) is it the converted svg file maybe???
also where do you convert your dxf files?

Sounds like a unit conversion or scaling issue when the svg is created or imported. Most likely a scaling issue because it would be off by 25x if inches to mm. When I export svg from Corel draw, it has a dialog that asks what the scale factor should be (I usually select 1). This does not solve your problem, but the good news is that svg stands for scaled vector graphics, so they can be scaled to proper size, but it is probably tedious to get that one dimension to the right length and make sure everything else scales back correctly. If you are cutting this design repeatedly, it might be worth some time to open it in inkscape, rescale it and save it at the correct size.


inkscape definitely let me resize the svg, but now I’m in the boat of being new to cad programs and no real tutorials on how to use any said programs on editing svg or dxf files.

my photoshop knowledge and experience is vast but i’m quickly finding out that photoshop and cad progress are no where near the same.

you can see the 48H X 96W box that i made to figure out the correct scaling. Now I need to be able to move all the different pieces around to fit into the space of a sheet of plywood. Am I going to have to make layers for each piece and move the noides into each layer???

I’ve tried seaching for youtube videos but its all basic stuff and not really geared toward svg or cad style work…

Honestly there isn’t that much really good CAD software out there to solve that issue. Everyone has kind of found their own approach, but I haven’t seen one way that seems much better than the others.

I am working on creating a Maslow CAD/CAM program to make his easier, but it’s a big project and still a little ways off.

Svg was designed for on-screen display and plays pretty fast and loose with scaling between pixels and real life. To add to the fun some years back Inkscape decided to redefine their pixels/inch default and hosed things up even more. Many programs default to Inkscapes current (iirc) 96 px/inch but that’s more of a convention than a standard.

There was a method to their madness, making it easy to scale to different screen sizes and ppi (or px per mm, cubit, furlong, etc) adjustment to fit. Svgs were never designed for accurate dimensions, we’re just lucky when it works out. Dxf files should fare better, but I’m not as familiar with how their scaling works out.

thanks for the help, i was able to resize them to the exact measurements in inkscape then load them into easel and i worked great.

thanks for helping me out