Help with bee hive dxf file

hello everyone!

I came across this open source bee hive that I would love to cut using my maslow. However Im having trouble opening it as a dxf file in inkscape. Im trying to use Bars method of converting the dxf file into an svg then use makercam to generate the gcode. Im not sure what Im doing wrong so any help would be appreciated! Here is the file Im trying to work with and the error msg Im getting.Colorado Top Bar Beehive - v7.0 - Manufacturing - Wood Parts - 0.50in 0.375in.DXF (873.8 KB)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 530, in
inkex.errormsg((’%d ENTITIES of type POLYLINE encountered and ignored. Please try to convert to Release 13 format using QCad.’) % polylines)
NameError: name '
’ is not defined


The problem is the dxf format. As a workaround I opened the file with LibreCad and saved as 2007 dxf exchange. No warranty :wink:
beehive-test.dxf (250.6 KB)


Thanks! That did the trick. I’ve realized that the parts are not all just profile operations though. So looks like I’ll be doing some research on their forums to figure this one out.

Thanks again for the help! I’m sure I’ll be back at some point!

You can get the files from here and if you open them in LibreCAD it separates the layers by operations.

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Thanks that’s where I got the original file I uploaded. I’ve never used that program before. Is there and easy way to go from that to gcode? Sorry I’m still relatively new to all of this!

Not that I am aware of. There might be a plugin for it though. I usually just use the export to makercam function. You will have to create the operations once you open it in makercam.

Im building the top hive for my brother. So I should have the kinks worked out soon if you need help.

Still have a few parts to cut but it’s getting there.


That looks great! Great work so far. Yes I can probably guarantee that I will need some help! Haha! Please keep me updated.

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