OnShape to Inkscape problem

My Maslow is due in sometime this month, but to be ready for that first cut I have been learning OnShape. I have been able to create several projects in OnShape. Last week I began trying to take some of my drawings from OnShape to Inkscape (dxf to SVG conversion).
Every time I do this I get an error message.

See message below:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “dxf_input.py”, line 530, in
inkex.errormsg((’%d ENTITIES of type POLYLINE encountered and ignored. Please try to convert to Release 13 format using QCad.’) % polylines)
NameError: name '
’ is not defined

I did select the Release 13 under Thr Version Option.

So I went back and watched the video Bar posted on YouTube about doing this conversion. Still couldn’t get my file to work. Then I noticed that one box in my export drawing box was “Export as text”. And the one that was on the YouTube video was “Explode into Polylines”. I made this change and I still get the same message.

So I tried creating a simple circle and square, then exported them to a DXF. This file opened in Inkscape.

I figure there is something I need to do to clean up my drawings to make them work. I just can’t figure out what to do?

A little back ground on the drawing(s) I am trying to export. I loaded a Picture into OnShape and traced the parts off the picture. Then suppressed everything after that. Then Exported the file.


Any thoughts on what I need to do to correct this problem would greatly be appreciated.

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Why are you trying to get things to inkscape?

Onshape has the kiri:moto plugin that can crete g-code

Was just trying to follow along with what I have seen on the Maslow YouTube channel. Will find a video for kiri:motor and watch it.