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Help with firmware

I bought a used Maker Made and have been trying to get it set up. I am not doing the full guide because aI cannot get past the firmware possibly or I have a bad controller? Not sure but I could connect through com3 and that is about it. all tests failed and no movement at all. I have the mega 2560 I believe but it just says mega. and the due shield 1.2b I tried to update the firmware and it tells be it is wrong after trying a couple different ones. Standard 1.26 and holy. I looked at a guide on this but now it seems I am stuck at firmware because I have no connection at all. Will take all suggestions I can get. I assume I had a good firmware before but no movement and all connections seemed snug.

are you using groundcontrol or webcontrol?

been trying with web control. could always switch. I do have makerverse but I never get it to connect.

I do have a green light on the controller as well.

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Are you able to upload the firmware? I think that starting there will help us to understand if the controller is the problem or if it is something else

When use arduino ide I upload the firmware and this is where it says it is good then webcontrol tells me it is the wrong firmware. I assume I need to wipe the eprom and anything else and start from scratch but I still do not know which firmware to get.

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ahh, with webcontrol, you want to install the firmware from within webcontrol.
that makes sure that the versions match

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I will do that on my next attempt, thanks.

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